Please enjoy this brief selection of my work.
You can find more of my work by exploring this website, but this is the best place for you to start!


MapCrunch Observational Drawing

In April 2021 I used this website to challenge myself. It was a fantastic exercise, particularly as my area was still in a lockdown and drawing trips were not exactly something I could do.


Love of Landscape

These drawings and animations are all spare-time passion-projects. I've included them to showcase my artistic style as well as affinity for drawing backgrounds- it's not just the buildings that matter, right?


Ujamaa -  project with the National Trust and Writerz & Scribez

This is a recent commission for a wonderful National Trust Property: 575 Wandsworth Road, a small London property stuffed with hand carvings. My brief was simple: respond to the house in whatever way it affected me. I was inspired by the hand carving, naturally. You can find out more about this project and my artistic choices here.


En Plein Aire

While I mostly work digitally, traditional media is a great way
to sharpen skills like observation, colour theory, and perspective.